Ginkgo Biloba
28.5% Flavonglycosides

GinkgoJust about everyone knows that ginkgo keeps the brain functioning better by improving circulation in the tiniest blood vessels. But neurological evidence also suggests that ginkgo aids our neurotransmitter receptor sites (including those all-important serotonin and dopamine sites) in maintaining their youthful resilience and firing capacity. Needless to say, anything that supports these sites with oxygen is going to support the efficient utilization of any mood balancer, be it herbal or otherwise. Once again, we have located a truly superior ginkgo from a French pharmaceutical source with a whopping 28.5% flavonglycoside count, easily rendering it the most potent ginkgo in the world. It is also very low in ginkoic acid, (less than 5ppm) a very common cause of headache caused by inferior extractions. Each bottle contains 180 tablets, of 60mg each.

Ginkgo Biloba


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Ginkgo Biloba

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