InJuve - Hyaluronic Acid 9%

9% Hyaluronic Acid: the missing key

Nothing is more abundant in the human skin cell than hyaluronic acid and water. In fact, hyaluronic acid's extraordinary moisture retaining capacity (500+ times its own weight) has long rendered it a very popular humectant in high-end cosmetic moisturizers. But while those 3% topical crèmes can only seal and bind moisture to the surface of the skin, HBC's enzymatically modified hyaluronic molecules absorb directly into the skin cells, all the way down to the corium* layer! No topical hyaluronic acid application will ever have that kind of access.

Joint Health

To be sure, HA isn't just about skin health. A major internal lubricant, it plays a crucial role in slowing down cell mitosis, a crucial aspect of cellular repair. Current research into osteoarthritis and pain has also shown positive results in the treatment of joint pain and cartilage formation with Hyaluronic Acid. Through consistent visco-supplementation, patients experienced a decrease in pain; improved range of motion, and repair to damaged connective tissues. But rather than just read about Hyaluronic Halo, contact us today and learn more about the myriad ways this unique supplement can help turn back the clock on your skin and joints.

Copper and the Skin

As we age, our bodies become slower to produce collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans (GAG's - the cement that bonds tissue components together). Scientific studies have demonstrated that copper plays a vital role in skin health; copper is a powerful collagen and elastin promoter and plays an antioxidative role in the body, it is important in the production of GAG's, and copper-dependant enzymes increase the benefits of natural tissue building processes. 

This means that skin will firm, smooth, and soften - and studies have shown that it does it in less time than most other anti-aging therapies.

Dermatological examinations of Hyaluronic Acid from a 60-day clinical study of 40 users (led by the Director of Dermatology at Research Testing Laboratories, New York.) rated 78% of women as "improved" or "much improved" on his global assessment including: radiance, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and lightening of patchy discolorations such as age spots

Beware; Some HA products are made from the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria and or chicken cartilage and though they have the same properties of natural HA, their molecules are too large to be efficiently absorbed into the human cell.

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*Also called the dermis: the corium is the layer of the skin lying immediately beneath the epidermis. It consists of a dense bed of connective tissue and blood vessels and contains the nerves and terminal organs of sensation, the hair roots and sebaceous and sweat glands.

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