HCG, HGH Synergy

Putting yourself in a state of ketosis is the best method of dieting. Unfortunately, every reduced calorie diet that puts you into a state of ketosis is catabolic, meaning that it can cause you to lose muscle. Severely reduced calorie diets do cause some anabolic hormones to significantly reduce. Add in lots of exercise, especially aerobic exercise, and you have a perfect storm for catabolizing muscle. Clearly you don’t want to attenuate muscle as muscle also burns fat. If anything you want to build or rebuild muscle. Hence, HGH and HCG therapy. With their support the brain gets its ketones and will stop robbing your muscles rather it will look for it in belly fat ant handlebars instead of muscle. The best and easiest way to combat this phenomenon is with homeopathic human growth hormone (HGH) therapy. Homeopathic HGH supports the correct hormonal balance in the body. First, it promotes protein synthesis, meaning the protein you do consume are kept and sent to where they should be, rebuilding damaged body structures. Secondly, HGH increases the metabolism of fats. HCG combats the hunger and HGH makes it easier to maintain the muscle which are ever more hungry for fuel.

Alcohol and catabolism and alcohol

Try to drink as little as possible. 1. Alcohol is just sugar and will blow your carbohydrate allowance per day. And 2. A study published in the journal “Alcohol and Alcoholism” found that chronic intake of alcohol suppressed protein synthesis and caused muscle weakness.. This study focused on long-term use of alcohol, but short-term usage also inhibits protein synthesis from occurring at its full potential. According to Notre Dame, alcohol dehydrates you and slows your body’s ability to heal itself after a workout. Men, it also drops testosterone. Something you should be infinitely aware of at any age. Buy HCG