HCG Ketogenic Diet Explained

For HCG to be effective you must bring your body into a ketogenic state. This means your caloric consumption is in a specific ratio of carbs to fat to protein. A typical ketogenic diet such as the one displayed on the pie chart above is allows 3 to 4 grams of fat for every 1 gram of carbohydrate and protein. Yes, you are allowed to eat fat. Lots of it. The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. There is 91 years of scientific research to back that statement up. Moreover, Dr. Atkins most recently re-popularized it with his Atkins diet. Meta-analysis of all diets out there support this diet as being the most consistently effective, and palatable, of all of diets in the world. One is also allowed to eat medium chain fats such as butter, heavy whipping cream, mayonnaise, and oils (e.g. canola or olive) so meals are tasty and not boring. In fact approximately 60% of all calories may be from fat. You must also consume a lot of protein. The total daily amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate should be divided across meals. It is important to know that a classic ketogenic diet does NOT contain much fresh fruit, vegetables or calcium-rich foods so you should definitely take a multivitamin with minerals and vitamin D. Fruit is full of antioxidants so you should also supplement with antioxidants. Alpha Lipoic acid is one of our favorites as it snatches sugars from the plasma and puts them in the mitochondria of all body cells where they can be burnt off. Especially if you are insulin sensitive as ALA unlocks the cells to insulin. A recent Korean study showed that obese Koreans were able to drop significant weight by adding 2 grams of Alpha Lipoic acid to their diet. Here is an example of a typical day on the keto diet. A KetoCalculator can make life easier for you.

  • Breakfast: egg with bacon
    28 g egg, 11 g bacon, 37 g of 36% heavy whipping cream, 23 g butter and 9 g apple.
  • Snack: peanut butter ball
    6 g peanut butter and 9 g butter.
  • Lunch: tuna salad
    28 g tuna fish, 30 g mayonnaise, 10 g celery, 36 g of 36% heavy whipping cream and 15 g lettuce.
  • Snack: keto yogurt
    18 g of 36% heavy whipping cream, 17 g sour cream, 4 g strawberries and artificial sweetener.
  • Dinner: cheeseburger (no bun)
    22 g minced (ground) beef, 10 g cheese, 26 g butter, 38 g cream, 10 g lettuce and 11 g green beans.
  • Snack: keto custard
    25 g of 36% heavy whipping cream, 9 g egg and pure vanilla flavoring.

Medium chain triglycerides are best because they are more ketogenic than long chain triglycerides as they generate more ketones per unit of energy when metabolized. Coconut oil, butter and palm kernel oil are popular medium chain triglycerides. Their use allows for a diet with a lower proportion of fat and a greater proportion of protein and carbohydrate which gives you more food choices and allows you to eat larger portion sizes. Buy HCG