We all build expectations about what we believe will make change. Ultimately. We feel good or bad when we compare our reality to what we expected. Everyone builds expectations because the brain is highly plastic then. Some of these expectations are realistic, some are not. You are the master of your universe. Your choice is.. read more →

Recent studies indicates that as men age their sperm quality significantly deteriorates. This can be a potential problem should they decide to father children later in life. Up until recently it was thought that issues with children born to older parents was caused by mother’s older eggs. But, we now know differently. Although older mothers.. read more →

23 Aug 2012
August 23, 2012

Lets Talk About ‘Satiety’

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Let’s talk about some of the research in the field of satiety. With the obesity epidemic running rampant of late satiety research has been furious. The UK’s Manchester University is pursuing satiety research through what they call the Satrietrim technology. They have found that certain proteins and fats stimulate the satiety peptide cholecystokinin which leads.. read more →

Some people regard satiety as the state of having eaten until they can’t eat any more. Of being stuffed to the max, so full you can barely breathe. That’s one definition. not the one i prefer, but hey, each to their own, right? Unless you are what’s currently called a “Belly Stuffer” you can probably.. read more →

Our bodies and our minds are modular systems, meaning we often use several different organs to achieve a singular goal. For instance, hunger doesn’t necessarily start in the stomach. it begins in the brain, or in the nose, or in the eyes, or in the lips. Food cravings (and satisfaction) always involves the visual, the.. read more →