Intestinal Health

Aqua H2 Hydrogen tablets

Molecular hydrogen water scours the gut for free radicals as it tunes up the billions of neurotransmitter and hormone receptor sites while supporting healthy gut bacteria . . . read more


Addresses candida, acidic gut issues, gut parasites, gut inflammation. Very soothing to aggravated conditions including . . . read more


Fortizel™ has a profound influence on ageing guts, specifically rejuvenating microvilli—finger-like projections tasked with nutrient absorption. read more

Pro-4 Billion Protocol

Four billion good “Bugs” protected by a patented protective fuzzy jacket that prevents hydrochloric acid in the stomach from destroying them before they get to the large intestine . . . read more

S-Acetyl glutathione tablets

Studies indicate that S-Acetyl Glutathione’s acid resistance is critical to gut barrier function and inflammation. Healthy glutathione levels diminish further intestinal destruction. Read More