Photograph of Lysine under the microscope.

Antidepressant amino

Low lysine levels have been found in those with depression, chronic virus, asthma, low thyroid function, kidney disease, & Parkinson's. The exact significance is unclear. Some have improved with lysine usage.

1. May prevent or decrease the severity of any viral flare-up.

2.     May prevent or decrease the severity of genital herpes outbreak and is also an effective natural remedy for herpes infections and cold sores.

3.     Use in prevention & treatment of osteoporosis.

4.     May aid bone healing from injury.

5.     Helps with skin health & elasticity.

6.     Lysine is important in the formation of collagen (the protein that forms the matrix of your bone, cartilage & connective tissue). The conversion of lysine to collagen is controlled by vitamin C.

7.     May build muscle when taken with equal amounts of argenine.

 Research indicates lysine supplements enhance the intestinal absorption of calcium & reduce the excretion of calcium in the urine. Ingesting 400-1000 mg of lysine with your calcium supplement can help prevent & treat bone loss.

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