What is Oxytocin?

Our Homeopathic oxytocin could be the most effective behavior modification tool you will ever use

Oxytocin is a hormone that is very active in the brain and in the body. In the brain Oxytocin functions as an empathy neurotransmitter. In the body oxytocin is a nurturing, relaxing, love hormone. One common place where oxytocin is active is in the eye – it is released each time we make eye contact!

Dedicated use of Oxytocin improves trust, social recognition, empathy and even drug tolerance. Oxytocin can also effectively reduce fears, phobias and depression. To maximize the effectiveness of our homeopathic Oxytocin you should refer to our knowledge base for detailed information on usage and all the benefits it can bring to you.


Here are some basic guideline on usage (more info found here):

Dosage: As much as 4 sprays directly under the tongue per day. Avoid use around meal time. Small doses at frequent intervals improves results.

How YOU can maximize results: Your participation is one of the biggest factors.

  • Look deeply into the eyes of someone you know
  • Touch or hold hands for more than 20 seconds
  • Sing, make love, laugh, tell or listen to a story
  • Share special moments with loved ones

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