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Most Vitamin Supplements are merely a laundry list of vitamin isolates the FDA has determined to be necessary for fundamental human health. Isolated vitamins are not enough. If a vitamin, mineral or antioxidant is to be truly effective it must be released from a state as close to its original matrix of origin as possible. For example the vitamin E (Alpha tocopherol) found in most supplements is a fraction of the E found in food. Food E is actually a mix of 8 fat-soluble tocopherols and tocotrienol compounds called alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols and alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocotrienols. What the FDA allows as vitamin E on some supplements facts box is almost always a single synthetic alpha tocopherol, usually manufactured out of petroleum, turpentine, sugar and artificial preservatives. Regardless of what the FDA says, alpha tocopherol is a woefully incomplete source of E.
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Moreover, dosing with high levels of isolated alpha tocopherol can actually inhibit the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of some of the other tocopherols. For instance alpha tocopherol doesn’t address oxidation from environmental sources like car exhaust or prostate issues. The RDA for vitamin E is about 15 mgs per day for adults but what’s tricky is that adults tend to eat foods rich in vitamin E in smaller amounts. Hence, the best way to supplement with a complete E is via naturally complete food concentrates such as those found in our Omega, Vegetable, and Green blends. More about those later.

Speaking of beta carotene, in some cases dosing with synthetic vitamins separated from their natural food source can even be dangerous. The carotene antioxidants are a glaring example. Beta carotene in its natural form— a carrot—is anti-cancerous. But, once beta carotene has been removed from its carrot and dosed in concentrated form as a pure isolate it is pro-cancerous. Yet beta carotene is readily available on the shelves of “health food stores”. I use the term ironically. Asparagus food concentrate is a better source of vitamin A. By the way, please be mindful of the fact that high doses of synthetic vitamin A analogues can cause “hypervitaminosis” a condition which inhibits the absorption of other vitamins.

Invisible Co-Factors

Food vitamin concentrates also possess infinitesimal co- factors that in some cases have yet to be identified. They are little invisible micro elements like enzymes, trace minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants from the soil and sea. The following is a list of the groups of concentrated natural food supplements in our Multi as well as the co- factors that research has identified.

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The Fruit Blend

It’s no secret that fruit is laden with antioxidants, those macro substances that are constantly working to neutralize free radicals—those unstable oxygen molecules that cause us to oxidize or “rust” inside. Free radicals are linked to many debilitating diseases including ageing, protein crosslinking ...

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Omega Blend

Speaking of carotenoids, fats are an important factor in carotenoid bioavailability which is another excellent reason our Multi contains an Omega Blend featuring flaxseed, sunflower oil and borage powder. It is a well- established fact that flaxseed offers a host of health benefits including heart support and joint...

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Green Blend

The Green Blend component of the Multi contains concentrations of emerald green parsley, wheat grass chlorophyll, Spirulina, and sodium copper chlorophyllin, all working to increase red blood cells, reduce anemia, enrich blood, nourish bone marrow and purify the breath and mouth: all while acting as a deodorant!...

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Vegetable Blend

Our Vegetable Blend is another collection of green, pink and red antioxidants and vitamins from concentrated garlic, beet root, parsley, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and of course the new “Queen of Greens” kale.

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Probiotic Blend

Healthy gastrointestinal tracts are critical to good health which is why our Multi contains a Probiotic Blend featuring the B. Bifidum, L. Bulgaricus and L. Acidophilus “Bugs”. The L. Bifidum bug supports alcohol induced liver injury, infectious diarrhea and the restoration of bacterial symbiosis...

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Mushroom Blend

Our Mushroom Blend concentrate is a myriad of antioxidants demonstrated to support nerve regeneration, immune boosting B cells and T cells in the thymus gland. The key to the immune system, our thymus shrinks over time causing immune fade. This blend contains Shiitake extract...

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Herb Blend

The Herb Blend in this Multi contains many immune supporting elements including: echinacea—of the daisy family—for immune support, acid indigestion, genital herpes, urinary tract infections and general pain. Echinacea also supports T cells and helps prevent virus and bacteria germs...

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Trace mineral blend

The Trace mineral blend is the reason this supplement is in tablet form — we could not have found a capsule large enough to contain all of them. Some of my favorites are molybdenum which addresses metabolism, weight loss, tooth decay, healthy bones...

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Digestive Enzyme Blend

As in our first Multi we folded in a Digestive Enzyme Blend to enhance the bioavailability of all of the aforementioned components. At the top of the list is Betaine Hydrochloride. Betaine HCL enzymes support stomach function and protein digestion especially in candida yeast and related...

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Last but not least, let’s talk about the real kicker in this Multi, RNA/DNA. DNA/ RNA is the cell regeneration component in the formulation. We added this to support the body in slowing...

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