Please review the following list of ingredients:  
Vitamin C  
Vitamin E  
Green Tea Extract 
Lemon Bioflavonoids 
Succinic Acid  
Milk Thistle 
Activated Charcoal  
Fumaric Acid  
Grape Seed (OPC) Extract 
Pine Bark Extract  

How should I use them:
Once the symptoms of the hangover have occurred, it’s too late to prevent any of the harmful physiological processes. The damage has already been done. For best results take Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants while consuming alcohol. A good glass of water* will only enhance their effect, preferably before eating so they can hit your liver unencumbered.
Water and a copious portion of Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants while drinking will not only help the liver and kidneys purge the toxins before they can inflict their damage on the rest of the body but is also a good way to mitigate alcohol's dehydrating effects (See: What is a hangover?)

How many capsules should I take?
Normally, one-two capsules before wine or beer and two to ten capsules during high percentage (Scotch, Vodka, Gin, Tequila . . .) alcohol consumption; depending on the percentage of alcohol, your body weight, amount of alcohol consumed and whether or not any food is being consumed. Everyone's metabolism is different so play with them. Even taking a whole bottle will not result in any undesired side-effects and many people choose to do so if they’re especially susceptible to hangovers.