What Is a Starch Blocker / Carb Blocker?

Supplements sold as "starch blockers" or "carb blockers" are really starch-enzyme blockers; they inhibit the body's production of the starch-digesting enzyme, alpha-amylase. With lessened amounts of alpha-amylase, the body is less able to break down starches (carbohydrates) into sugar (glucose) for further digestion. That's how starch blockers work - at least on a theoretical level. Phaseolamin Phase 2 Phaseolus vulgaris extract is an alpha-amylase inhibitor.

Do Starch / Carb Blockers Work?

Scientists have been aware of various alpha-amylase inhibitors for decades, but up until recently these products have not been shown to work all that well. A number of factors may explain why: there is not enough alpha-amylase-blocking activity from these products, they do not work well in the body, they contain endogenous alpha-amylase in sufficient quantity to overcome their alpha-amylase-inhibiting effects, or another enzyme, glucoamylase, is able to take over when alpha-amylase is inhibited. Whatever the problem, fecal-calorie tests have demonstrated that they do not work very well at blocking the digestion of starch (an increase in fecal starch content, and therefore, caloric value would be apparent since the starch should pass through undigested1) in vivo (in the body). Nevertheless, most of these alpha-amylase inhibitors have been shown to work in vitro (in a test tube), which has left scientists frustratingly just out of reach of the "holy grail" of diet products.

Good News: More Potent Blocker, Carbo Killer w/ Phase 2

As it turns out, according to subsequent research, the reason why alpha-amylase inhibitors work in vitro but not very well in vivo is that they have only weak inhibiting ability. However, partially purified extracts (around 30-40 times the concentration of previously available commercial preparations) of Phaseolus vulgaris (white kidney beans) are stable in the stomach and do, in fact, work as advertised. One such product is Phaseolamin Phase 2.

Phaseolamin Phase 2 Compared to Placebo - It Works!

An alpha-amylase inhibitor present in Phaseolus vulgaris (white kidney beans), is the best alpha-amylase inhibitor currently available. Phase 2 Phaseolamin brand Phaseolus vulgaris extract, taken in 500mg doses, has been demonstrated effective against a placebo through randomized clinical tests conducted at the University of Scranton, PA.3,4,5,6 Phase 2 Phaseolamin brand Phaseolus vulgaris extract is the finest we know of and the only kind we sell.

What Results Can Be Expected with Phaseolamin Phase 2?

How much weight can you expect to lose? Individual results vary. Test subjects in a controlled clinical setting using this product (Phaseolamin Phase 2 phaseolus vulgaris extract) lost 3.9% of their total body weight and 10.45% of body fat mass, in 30 days, without reducing lean tissue mass, as compared to a placebo group.4 This translates to a 7.8 pound reduction for someone starting at 200 pounds of body weight, in 30 days! This is not only a good result, it is a healthy pace at which to lose weight. That said, you may have seen ads for starch-blockers that tell you it is OK to go ahead and eat all the bread, potatoes, rice and pasta you want. Don't be foolish - if you are already having trouble managing your weight because of starch why would you INCREASE your consumption of starches? Continue as you are, trying to control your diet in a healthy manner and ADD Phaseolus Extract to give your self an edge on improving your physique rather than satisfying an unhealthy craving!

According to the manufacturer, approximately one gram, (four capsules of Phaseolamin Phase 2) will neutralize 2700 starch calories using a modified USP test method.

Phaseolamin Phase 2 / Phaseolus Vulgaris and Blood Sugar Levels

Maybe even more interesting than Phaseolus's starch-blocking ability is that, since starches are quickly converted to sugar, those subjects taking Phase 2 Phaseolamin did not experience as dramatic a "spike" in blood glucose levels after consuming a starchy food. 3,5 (A starchy foods' readiness to convert to sugar can be rated relative to other foods - this places the food on the "glycemic index", the more readily converted starches scoring higher than the more slowly converted starches.) This is no mere detail as many Hypoglycemic and Type II Diabetes sufferers are acutely aware - preventing blood sugar spikes can be very valuable! The patients who took the Phaseolus extract experienced a return to normal blood glucose levels 20 minutes earlier than the placebo group, and their maximum blood glucose levels after eating a starch were measured at one-half to two-thirds the levels of those subjects receiving placebo.3,5 Pretty impressive.