Four years ago I searched St. John’s Wort, and I found a link to this site. Which was one of the best things in my life to just fall on my lap. I started to talk to Jeff, aka “The Book” to my friends, and he increased my knowledge dramatically. Customer service at this place has been awesome.

Now the quality of any of these products by far has blown everything I’ve tried out of the water. And for the herb/vitamin realm, brand is everything. If I ran out, didn’t have enough cash, got something half decent at the health food store. It helped, but when I would re-up from HBC, I was just reminded of why I didn’t buy anything else to begin with. And this has gone for any product I’ve tried.

With the help of the Jeff and such fine products, I went from an insanely depressed person, to someone who could function and who took control over his life. For the first time.

Jeff payed me 20 bucks to say all this, but it’s all true.

Haha.. Jeff you can take that last part out. But that’s my testimony… as biased as it seems almost. Is completely true. Thanks for the all help over these years.

Cya Jeff