Hi Jeff,

As a physician diagnosed with so called Bipolar Disorder, a chemical imbalance in the brain more scientifically called Brain Biochemical Uniqueness, I have found SYMMETRY extremely useful as I slowly transition from toxic pharmaceutical drugs to more natural biochemical supplements. Symmetry combines Lithium Orotate, GABA and Albumin allowing for a synergistic in a homeopathic nasal spray formulation. This allows one to obtain rapid non-toxic levels which in combination with other natural biochemical supplements can lead to mood stabilization as well as improved cognitive function. Lithium Orotate is much safer than pharmaceutical Lithium Carbonate as Lithium Orotate is active in the central nervous system allowing one to avoid the peripheral side effects such as weight gain, tremor, edema (swelling), impaired cognitive function and many other horrific side effects so common with Lithium Carbonate. Take care,