Hi Chris,

Just wanted to say thanks for all that coaching on the phone about how to successfully use the ultra patches. Although I generally follow directions pretty well, sometimes I overdo it and think if I use something five days a week, then using it seven days a week must be better. If I hadn’t listened to you I am sure I would not be getting the full benefit of the Ultra Patches that I’m getting now.

Let me start from the beginning. I think your ultra patches work great. For the past few years following back surgery, I’ve had some back and leg pain after exercise and so I no longer continued to do regular exercise every day. I gained some weight as a result of this which made it even more difficult to exercise no matter how much I wanted to.

When I started on the patches I was very careful not to use them more than the recommended five days a week followed by the two days off and at the end of the month take a complete five days off before continuing them again. This way when I use them, the patches never fail to work for me because I have not build up an excess of the hgh in my body and don’t an allergic reaction to it, which makes your body need more and more of it to work. Used correctly the recommended dosage works beautifully every time.

It has done wonders for me physically and psychologically. My self esteem is back and I look forward to the challenge of taking walks every day and other forms of physical exercise as well. It seems to work best for me if I cut the patches up and apply them where I am the most sore after walking. Then I remove them at night, get a good nights rest and reuse them the following day. If necessary I can always use 3 M tape over them which keeps them in place quite nicely.

Anyway, thanks again.

Your friend from NM,