To whom it may concern,

A letter carrier for the USPS I had incurred a severe accident (knocked off my feet) which left me with a severed ligament in the left arch of my foot. Many different doctors had me on painkillers for 2 to 3 years. Finally i had the good fortune to become a patient of and surgery by the world renowned orthopedic surgeon DR Mark Mierson, director of the orthopedic department of Mercy hospital in Baltimore City. This enabled me to walk again with much mitigation of pan.

Ten years later, after pain had returned to both free, (I was then 55 years old) x rays by Dr Miersons associate showed that bones were rubbing against other bones in the foot due to the lack of calcium and synovial lubrication–85% absent) and he offered the possibility of more surgery to fuse said bones. I was in a lot of pain, but had I done so, I would have lost lateral movement and I didn’t want to walk like Frankenstein.

Based on the recommendation of my brother and sister in law, I took HBC Protocols Joint Support for the arthritis in my feet and knee (85%no cartilage in each foot) after 6 months I experienced a noticeable improvement in that the pain had subsided substantially and was able to walk further and do much more activity wise. Later it was recommended that I try MSM for its additional benefits. (I have always had good hair and skin but soft nails) as it worked synergistically with the Joint Support. It took about 6 months but now I am taking just the MSM, 4 grams every day, and the pain has subsided substantially, 50 to 60% which is a blessing, believe me. I love this product. Thank you HBC!