Good morning, and thank you for your wonderful website.

After experimenting, I’ve found that SAMe is absolutely THE BEST for me, in combo with 5HTP (for appetite control it’s working GREAT!) and
DMAE. At first, I thought the DMAE was not going to work, but thanks to your advice, I started on a much lower dosage and have grown to
really appreciate what it does for me. I was on prescription meds and its so good to feel un-numb.

SAMe is kind of expensive, but “Who cares!”

Also, please put me back on continuity for DMAE. I’m going to take one 500mg tablet daily. Please maintain the continuity for SAMe and 5HTP. This regime is soooooo much better than prescription antidepressants! Oh, I do have a question: Is it OK to take DMAE and Omega-3 fish oil?

I shared a dose of DMAE with a co-worker today, since he was curious about what it was doing for me. He’s basically in the same boat as I am with life-long depression. Both of us early on in life took to self-medicating with alcohol and some other stuff that we of the hippie generation used to “experiment” with in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s and… and then wised up and cleaned up but still had the depression problem (and he had ADHD on top of that). Anyway, he’s been jovially making fun of me for trying OTC “nuts and twigs” instead of prescription meds and telling me that “any placebo will work if you want it to”. So, he tried a dose of DMAE out of curiosity. About 4 hours later, he came back and asked for the brochure on your company, which I was glad to share with him, and he also asked if he could borrow a few DMAE doses for the weekend until he could get a supply of his own. He said he’d been so productive and focused for the past three hours that he couldn’t believe it. “Nuts and twigs” indeed. LOL!

Thanks for your help and advice!!!