To HBC Protocols:

My name is Sylvia. In February 2005 I experienced a traumatic incident by being carjacked and sexually assaulted at gun point. Within a few days, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ensued and has since been my experience. I am fortunate that after seven months, my recurring nightmares and flashbacks did cease. Unfortunately, however, I have continued to experience panic attacks.

Not wanting to pursue relief via medical prescriptions, I began investing many, many hours (by now, probably hundreds of hours) into reading about physiology, treatments, and natural supplements which could help alleviate my panic attacks and related severe depression. I simply did not want to go the typical route of dealing with my situations.

I soon began trying to raise my serotonin with some specific amino acid therapy formulas. Due to extreme nausea that I would encounter from greatly depleted serotonin, it took me approximately nine months to build up to a beneficial daily dosage of 300mg of the 5-HTP. (I was unaware at the time of your company’s transdermal 5-HTP cream.)

After three weeks of the amino acid therapy (mid-February 2006), I decided to have my neurotransmitter levels tested. My serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels tested within the suboptimal category–which means, they’re not normal and they’re now not dangerously low. However, my epinephrine level showed to be at an 80% deficit.

In order to illustrate that deficit, imagine having only one quart of oil in an engine that normally requires five quarts of oil. It won’t be long before the engine will begin to smoke and cease to function. Without sufficient intervention, a breakdown is inevitable.

I have been impacted in three major ways, as a result of the greatly depleted epinephrine levels: very, very low energy; greatly diminished stress management; and anger hypersensitivity. I am normally not given to anger. In a non-PTSD state, I usually am quite calm, even in very intense situations. However, since the incident, that’s not been the case.

So, in desperation, somehow, I found your website and products. And, in continued desperation, I ordered the Symmetry nasal spray.

I received the product on a Monday morning. By noon, I had a panic attack. Up until using the Symmetry, I had never been able to return to a calm state (once an attack ensued) in less than an hour. In fact, an hour for my panic attack recovery time has been a short duration–in comparison to some of my more intense attacks.

When the attack began that Monday, I just returned from my lunch break. As soon as I parked my vehicle, the attack began with an normal fury. Because of the physical effects from the attack, I required approximately two minutes to walk less than fifty feet (to my desk). Once at my desk, I pulled the Symmetry out of a drawer and immediately administered a total of four sprays (two per nostril). My results: within five minutes, my nerves had calmed dramatically; within ten minutes, I was symptom-free. Several times since, I have experienced similar results in what I call “anger flares,” with being able to calm down within only a few minutes of taking the Symmetry. And, on one very long and difficult night, the Symmetry helped me in preventing self-termination (suicide).

I have not retained my receipts on all of the products I have tested, in the effort to improve concerning my PTSD symptomology. However, I am sure a conservative amount would be $2,000-$3,000. My only regret concerning Symmetry is that I did not know about it much, much sooner.