Hi there!

I just placed my third order with HBC……obviously I think your products are remarkable. I’ve taken vitamins etc forever but the products from HBC really seem to
*work* amazingly well!

Anyway…thank you for sending me the Lemon facial Cleanser with a prior
order!!!! I really like it a lot. I had also ordered the copper serum which
I think is quite effective. In the order I placed yesterday I order the DHEA
skin cream. I am curious…at night when using the products…do you use the
serum and the cream on top of it or the other way around?

I am quite impressed…I had always used high end facial cleansers,creams etc and Dr Perricone products……I think your products are better and they are less expensive…..a great combo!

I do think that HBC should offer samples of the skin products!!!!! : )

Please let me know about the order of the serum & cream.

BTW……my husband used to take Prozac a while back and hated it and has
been taking your St John’s Wort and the Spray and they are terrific. We also
ordered the HTP this time.

Thanks Alana!