Liver Health

S-Acetyl Glutathione

Glutathione plays a critical role in detoxifying livers overwhelmed by alcohol, hepatitis, cirrhosis, acetaldehyde poisoning, toxic carbon fumes . . . . Oral S-Acetyl Glutathione passes straight to the liver through stomach acid . . . Read more

Aqua H2 Plex

Be it cirrhosis, the final stage of prolonged liver disease, or parasite induced liver inflammation, molecular hydrogen is a proven anti-inflammatory strategy . . . read more


Our liver actually makes four to 8 grams of SAMe per day to support its own detoxification . . . read more

Lithium Orotate Nasal Spray

Lithium Orotate is an essential trace mineral shown to support low white blood cell counts, alcoholism, and liver disorders. Read More

Reduced Glutathione Transdermal cream

This powerful liver detoxifier may be administered directly to pressure points or right over the liver area of the body for full penetration . . . read more

Enzymatic Algorithm

Anti-inflammatory drugs all work by keeping the body from making all types of CIC‘s. Even the good ones. Hence, thousands of Americans die from Aspirin, ibuprofen, Celebrex, Viox and other over the counter anti CIC drugs. Enzyme Algorithm understands the difference between the good CIC‘s and the bad ones. It “eats” only the bad CIC‘s, for which the liver is ever grateful. The less inflammation the less pain and discomfort. Buy Now

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Supports fat accumulation in the liver induced by alcoholic and non-alcoholic lifestyles high in triglycerides . . . read more

PQQ Benefits

There are currently 32 PQQ/liver studies abstracted on demonstrating PQQ’s liver protective effects especially from non-alcoholic (sugar based) fatty liver disease. Feel free to click on the above link to view them. Click here to read more . . .