Enzymatic Algorithm



Anti-inflammation and Digestion Support

Heal your body, support your gut enzymes, you can have it both ways.
Swallow one or two tablets on an empty ** or a full stomach. Either way
you will be healthier for it. This seminal blend of Pancreatin * , vegpeptase, betaine HCL, ox bile extract, bromelain, papain, cellulose in a blend of Ginger root, pancreas substance, stomach substance, and wild yam root
will trigger 7000 enzymatic reactions which build, repair and maintain
optimal cell health. Like a good AI (artificial intelligence bot) it will figure
out * how to:

• Dissolve fibrotic conditions that form hard, sticky networks of
fibrine, cobwebs that collects in your circulatory system, trapping
vital red blood cells. Unchecked, trapped blood cells turn into blood
clots, a leading cause of strokes and heart attacks.
• Optimize blood flow. Chronically inflamed people with thick
blood are laden with fibrin.
• Support osteoarthritic inflammation.
• Dissolve plaque in arteries and dental plaque in the mouth.
• Support white blood cell efficiency.
• Increase salivation reduces thirst. This is critical to cardiac patients
that must survive on a limited liquid intake. With increased saliva,
you just aren’t thirsty.
• Dissolve fibrin that collects in the lungs.
• Reduce scar tissue.
• Reduce yeasts and fungi sheltered by proteins. Attacking those
proteins is key to destroying yeasts and fungi.
• Reduce your Aspirin dependence. ***


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*Pancreatin is a mix of digestive enzymes including lipase, protease, and amylase, is used as prescription drug to treat pancreatic
insufficiency, in conditions like cystic fibrosis. High doses have been linked to increases in blood/urine uric acid levels. Supports
pancreatic inefficiency.
**Administering proteolytic enzymes between meals allows the enzymes to quickly enter the bloodstream where they help optimize
blood on their way to tissues throughout your body, further assisting in intelligent, adaptive healing.
***When the body is aging or under stress a protein chain called CIC (circulating immune complex) CIC’s triggers inflammation and
swelling. Drugs like Aspirin work to block CIC activity. The side effect profile includes destabilized stomach lining, intestine, liver and
kidney issues that often lead to ulcers, and leaky gut syndrome. About 100,000 people are hospitalized annually with NSAID induced
liver and kidney damage. Unlike NSAIDS, systemic enzymes can pinpoint the harmful circulating immune complexes (CICs) without
suppressing the CICs that are beneficial in a myriad of ways: