SaverPlan Terms and Conditions: When you purchase our products via our SaverPlan option you save a great deal of money and you have the added convenience of receiving automatic refill shipments sent to you on a timely basis.

SaverPlan Obligation: As a continuity/saver plan member You will receive a minimum of 3 continuity orders every 80 days, and/or any custom number of days that you prefer. If you would not like your order to go out every 80 days, please note the specific number of days that you would like in the comments section of the check out area.
Credit Card Debits: We will keep your credit card on file in our secure, encrypted system, and charge your card on the day of each shipment.

How To Cancel: If at any time you wish to cancel your SaverPlan order, just send us an e-mail or phone our Customer Service toll free number. (This information can be found on the “Company Info” page on our website.)

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