Each Standard Potency Seal Delivers 3,600ng of Somatotrophin
(HGH)3C/30C Daily!*

Does Our New HBC Protocols™ HGH Seal Make Pills, Powders, and Spray Delivery Systems Obsolete?
We think that there is a good possibility that it (The HGH Seal) will do just that! Pills, capsules, sprays and powders are all old fashioned delivery systems. They all work, but none of them can deliver HGH Somatotrophin) as efficiently and as conveniently as the HGH Seal! And only the HGH Seal can get an astounding 3,600ng to 9,990ng of HGH Somatotrophin into your system via a trans-dermal, 24 hour time release system! This is truly a breakthrough in HGH supplementation!*

How The HBC Protocols™ HGH Seal Works:
Simply place one seal on clean skin on the inside of your wrist or underside of arm. May be removed after 12 hours of use and reused or left on for 24 hours. Use 5 days a week or as directed by your health care professional. Each seal will deliver 3,600ng or 9,990ng of Somatotrophin (HGH)3C/30C over a 24 hour period!*

Each Ultra Potent Seal Delivers 9,990ng of Somatotrophin
(HGH)3C/30C Daily!*

3 times as strong for
less than half the price!