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"Oh, I know that last time I chatted with someone, I told them that I have been giving my adult son who has autism your Sceletium Tortuosum II. I have been able to cut his dosage of Invega in half because of your product. Look up Invega and you will see why I am so pleased. Thank you!" - Anonymous
Thank you, I love your products and will continue loving them as the brain waves start flowing. - Julian B.
"Hi there, I ordered about 2 weeks ago. My order arrives 3 days after I ordered and I live in eastern Oregon. Thank so much for your professionalism. It means a lot to people like me in rural areas." - Linda
"Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for all that coaching on the phone about how to successfully use the ultra patches. Although I generally follow directions pretty well, sometimes I overdo it and think if I use something five days a week, then using it seven days a week must be better. If I hadn’t listened to you I am sure I would not be getting the full benefit of the Ultra Patches that I’m getting now.

Let me start from the beginning. I think your ultra patches work great. For the past few years following back surgery, I’ve had some back and leg pain after exercise and so I no longer continued to do regular exercise every day. I gained some weight as a result of this which made it even more difficult to exercise no matter how much I wanted to. When I started on the patches I was very careful not to use them more than the recommended five days a week followed by the two days off and at the end of the month take a complete five days off before continuing them again. This way when I use them, the patches never fail to work for me because I have not build up an excess of the hgh in my body and don’t an allergic reaction to it, which makes your body need more and more of it to work. Used correctly the recommended dosage works beautifully every time.

It has done wonders for me physically and psychologically. My self esteem is back and I look forward to the challenge of taking walks every day and other forms of physical exercise as well. It seems to work best for me if I cut the patches up and apply them where I am the most sore after walking. Then I remove them at night, get a good nights rest and reuse them the following day. If necessary I can always use 3 M tape over them which keeps them in place quite nicely. Anyway, thanks again." - JK 
I just wanted to say that your customer service department is wonderful especially on a FRIDAY!!!! By the way I have promoted one of your employees so please go ahead and make that effective. Jeff was kind enough to worry and make sure your product was taken in an appropriate fashion. Thanks for hiring great people! - Lisa W.
Jared – As ever, thanks for your courtesy and professionalism. The pkg. arrived in yesterday’s post, and I’ve re-posted it, unopened today at your request. ‘Sorry for the hint of impatience on the phone yesterday, but…. We can’t live without your products and will continue to be loyal, word-spreading customers. Your customer service efforts over the years have been exemplary. - Lanny
Regarding your Thea-Zen. We have carried out a scientific study of your product in Pakistan, by highly respected Psychiatrist (Prof. Haroon Rasheed Chaudhry) of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. See link for details of study, which shows excellent results of product. Scientific Study Thea-Zen - M. Darsons
I am a redhead with pale skin. I burn very easily. I ride my horse and walk my dogs and practically live outside in the strong Southern California sun. Your Ultra transdermal moisturizer/sunscreen IS THE BEST SUNBLOCK I HAVE EVER USED! It goes on light and non greasy and one application lasts an entire day!!! I don’t know what spf it is, but it is truly spectacular. Occasionally I have had problems with deliveries (new batch/new labels…) and have had to call and complain… Your customer service representative, William, is a true asset to your company. He is friendly, informative,professional and always manages to be polite and reassuring even when I am frustrated! Give him a raise! - Sincerely, Helen
I have been taking st johns wort for several weeks now and I’m pleased to report they are working for me! I am so glad that I decided to use your company as I feel confident that yours are the best! I have a question and I wondered if you could kindly answer this. I take 3 tablets a day and I spread them out – morning, lunchtime and evening. Do I really have to do this? Can I take them all in one go? How is it done in the clinical trials as I suppose that is what I should follow? - A.F
Hi there!
I just placed my third order with HBC……obviously I think your products are remarkable. I’ve taken vitamins etc forever but the products from HBC really seem to *work* amazingly well!

Anyway…thank you for sending me the Lemon facial Cleanser with a prior order!!!! I really like it a lot. I had also ordered the copper serum which I think is quite effective. In the order I placed yesterday I order the DHEA skin cream. I am curious…at night when using the products…do you use the serum and the cream on top of it or the other way around?

I am quite impressed…I had always used high end facial cleansers, creams, etc and Dr Perricone products……I think your products are better and they are less expensive…..a great combo!

I do think that HBC should offer samples of the skin products!!!!! : )

Please let me know about the order of the serum & cream.

BTW……my husband used to take Prozac a while back and hated it and has been taking your St John’s Wort and the Spray and they are terrific. We also ordered the HTP this time. - Alana
To whom it may concern,
A letter carrier for the USPS I had incurred a severe accident (knocked off my feet) which left me with a severed ligament in the left arch of my foot. Many different doctors had me on painkillers for 2 to 3 years. Finally i had the good fortune to become a patient of and surgery by the world renowned orthopedic surgeon DR Mark Mierson, director of the orthopedic department of Mercy hospital in Baltimore City. This enabled me to walk again with much mitigation of pan.

Ten years later, after pain had returned to both free, (I was then 55 years old) x rays by Dr Miersons associate showed that bones were rubbing against other bones in the foot due to the lack of calcium and synovial lubrication–85% absent) and he offered the possibility of more surgery to fuse said bones. I was in a lot of pain, but had I done so, I would have lost lateral movement and I didn’t want to walk like Frankenstein.

Based on the recommendation of my brother and sister in law, I took HBC Protocols Joint Support for the arthritis in my feet and knee (85%no cartilage in each foot) after 6 months I experienced a noticeable improvement in that the pain had subsided substantially and was able to walk further and do much more activity wise. Later it was recommended that I try MSM for its additional benefits. (I have always had good hair and skin but soft nails) as it worked synergistically with the Joint Support. It took about 6 months but now I am taking just the MSM, 4 grams every day, and the pain has subsided substantially, 50 to 60% which is a blessing, believe me. I love this product.
Thank you HBC! - Joe

Hi Jeff, As a physician diagnosed with so called Bipolar Disorder, a chemical imbalance in the brain more scientifically called Brain Biochemical Uniqueness, I have found SYMMETRY extremely useful as I slowly transition from toxic pharmaceutical drugs to more natural biochemical supplements. Symmetry combines Lithium Orotate, GABA and Albumin allowing for a synergistic in a homeopathic nasal spray formulation. This allows one to obtain rapid non-toxic levels which in combination with other natural biochemical supplements can lead to mood stabilization as well as improved cognitive function. Lithium Orotate is much safer than pharmaceutical Lithium Carbonate as Lithium Orotate is active in the central nervous system allowing one to avoid the peripheral side effects such as weight gain, tremor, edema (swelling), impaired cognitive function and many other horrific side effects so common with Lithium Carbonate. Take care,

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